Casa Zoe Tex-Mex Restaurant (Modern Leisure Plaza)

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Casa Zoe Tex-Mex Restaurant (Modern Leisure Plaza)

10am - 10pm
Modern Leisure Plaza, Wangdun Rd., SIP
0512 6272 9499
Most people know the Casa Zoe on Xinghan Street opened a few years ago, just before Mexico Lindo closed, but what you may not know is that they recently opened up a new location in the same spot that Mexico Lindo used to occupy. We assume it’s because Mexico Lindo would be easier to redecorate than any other place. Casa Zoe has changed a lot since it first opened. It has a new menu that still includes all of the old favorites like chili con queso, nachos, burritos, enchiladas and breakfast skillets, but also a lot of new Tex-Mex dishes.

They’ve also added dozens of new Asian and European options. There are daily specials as well as a “workers’ menu” that offers fast and cheap options like club sandwiches. The new Casa Zoe is definitely smaller, but more stylish. Without the kid’s play area the restaurant seems more adult and intimate with the balcony upstairs offering some fairly private tables. We like the location east of the lake, as its nearby shopping malls, cinemas, and grocery stores.

Casa Zoe’s may remind you of your hometown Tex-Mex regardless of where you come from. It has made itself a part of the community by always being open to hosting parties both public and private. This is your joint if you’re looking for a spot to throw a birthday party without asking all of your friends to shell out a few hundred RMB for the honor. Discounts on food and drinks are almost always available for groups of any decent size. They’ll prepare a buffet or your group can order from the menu. You get free, bottomless house coffee during breakfast and they often have beers at half price. We like to get a bottle of tequila and do shots like banditos. If that isn’t for you, try the sangria.

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