Sorrento Italian Restaurant & Bar

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Sorrento Italian Restaurant & Bar

10am - 10pm
111 Jinjihu Rd.
0512 6251 9505
Mario’s makes some amazing food, Jack’s Place does not, but even though Sorrento is a little bit out of the way for some of us, it is well worth it for Italian food that is equally as good as Mario’s while changing up the menu. Besides, the weather is cooling down and you can sit outside and eat while enjoying great views of Jinji Lake and one of Suzhou’s only clean canals. Later on you can take a stroll along the lake or even rent one of those three-person tandem bicycles, which is guaranteed to make you look like the protagonists in a Mentos commercial. But seriously, the atmosphere is more elegant than Mario’s with crisp green table clothes, well-padded, dark, wooden chairs and bold red walls. They also have a television that plays a lot of the football games.

Dinner for two here can cost more than 500RMB, which is understandable because the rent has got to be through their roof. If, however, you are on a budget you don’t need to worry because everyday at lunchtime they have buy one get one free pizza and during the evening you can get a free six inch many pizza with any entrée. In fact, there are about a dozen kinds of pizza and pasta and none of them will lighten your wallet too much during anytime of day. Also, they have Tiger on draft and it’s buy one get one free all day so you might just get drunk enough to get on one of those silly bikes.

Every time we drop by Sorrento we have to have the Chicken Parmigiana although last time we went it was served with French fries instead of the usual fresh vegetables but the cream of mushroom soup more than made up for that. If you want something that is a little more luxurious definitely try the Osso Bucco.

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Quote jmcgeough
[ 2009-09-02 01:39:50 ]
That's kinda silly comment "Mario’s makes some amazing food, Jack’s Place does not..."

There is NO amazing Western food in Suzhou... except at one or two of the high-end hotels like the Renaissance Hotel in SIP (and it comes at a price!).

Jack's Place is a good restaurant with good food in a comfortable family style ambiance in the center of town... Sorrento is a good restaurant with a bit more space out in SIP... they're both ok depending on your preferred location.
Quote donkey
[ 2009-09-28 16:50:52 ]
Agreed, but not even the hotels have amazing food. However, you can find good food in Suzhou ex: Hofbrauhaus, Jj's in Horizon (quite good but expensive) Garbo's (simple but good, not too pricy), Jack's place (in my mind better than Mario's), Zapata's (bit expensive), TGI is ok, Lizzaran (service so so but good food).

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